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Teeth Cleaning

Due to the natural accumulation of plaque and bacteria, teeth cleanings are highly recommended. Our dentist will conduct an examination of your teeth, extract all of the accumulated tartar, then floss and polish your teeth. Our dentist can also provide you with more information on how to take proper care of your teeth

Teeth Whitening

There are various reasons why your teeth may have changed color. The more common causes are lifestyle habits such as drinking coffee, smoking, and others can be drinking, eating, and even candy consumption. While most people like to carry out teeth whitening remedies at home, we recommend visiting our dentist at Lifetime Dentistry in St. Peters Missourifor further assistance.


If you feel metal braces don't suit you, our dentist has an alternative for you; Invisalign are clear aligners that are custom made in accordance with your dental structure.

Invisalign fit perfectly over your teeth and are practically invisible. They are engineered to provide the right amount of force to your teeth in the right places. Your teeth will gradually move into the perfect alignment following a treatment plan, devised by our dentist.

Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening

Zoom in-office teeth whitening is known to remove discoloration from your teeth. The patented whitening gel is applied to the patient’s teeth for about one hour.

It’s imperative for you to consult our dentist when decided on the Zoom in-office teeth whitening procedure, as they understand the requirements, risks and precautions of the procedure. From the preliminary examination to the precautions during the procedure, you can be sure that our dentist will gladly assist you with this process.

Important Information About Dental Imaging

There are many different types of x-rays available for dental imaging. Our dentist evaluates your condition to provide you with best treatment. Some x-ray tools are more adequate than others based on the symptoms you have.

Digital X-Rays

Among the most commonly used dental imaging techniques, digital x-rays are useful as they do not expose you to as much radiation as film x-rays tend to do. The imaging results helps our dentist identify any growths or abnormalities in the gums, teeth and enamel with efficiency.

The x-ray machine is connected to a computer that showcases the image within minutes of them being taken. This not only makes your dental appointment shorter, it also allows our dentist to view the results immediately instead of having to wait hours or days.

Intraoral Camera

Another common dental x-ray, the intraoral camera, is used when our dentist needs to take x-rays which show the interior of your mouth as clearly as possible. In this case, the camera is largely focused on the inside of your mouth.

Oral Cancer Screening 

As the name indicates, the equipment is especially used for the screening of oral cancer. While oral cancer is often not fatal, it can be a major problem if it is not diagnosed or treated in a timely manner. This technology is helps in the identification of abnormal tissue development that commonly results in cancer.

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